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Located in a very prestigious part of the historical zone, the property comprises of two open plan floors and a bathroom. The views from the property are spectacular, particularly from the balcony. Opposite the property is the Church of St Philip and St James. The main entrance is an original Imperial Roman Arch.

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Property main details

To the right is the ruin of an ancient building, the origins of which date back to ancient Carthage.

The upper floor is very large and a mezzanine floor could be added to it. The property has a new roof, new electrics, a new bathroom and a much improved kitchen.

1 Double bedroom
1 Bathroom
1 Kitchen diner
1 Storeroom

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We understand that buying a property abroad can seem daunting , stressful and if you don't have the right information or connections, it most certainly can be that and more. Our long experience selling homes in Sicily though overcomes all and, more than you would imagine, making it a painless and enjoyable process to obtain your dream home in the Mediterranean. To the complete buying experience. From viewing properties, to dealing with solicitors, translations, getting services such as water, gas and electricity connected, opening a bank account through to council rates, registering for residency should you wish, arranging and dealing with tradesmen and refurbishments, we can assist with all. We are not just estate agents, we are here to help and guide you along the way, it is our pleasure to do so. We differ from other agents in that we tell you how it is, no frills or sales talk, just plain and accurate information to allow you to make your decision. If we can't do it or what you are wanting isn't possible/practical, we will tell you so, it is only fair and right to do so and that is a policy we hold to, like it or not as you might. We proudly boast that we don't have clients, we have friends, people that have purchased through us and with whom we socialize and meet with regularly for chats and drinks, BBQ's and more. Not for us sell and forget, we are here for you as friends as well as in our professional capacity.

reference /sh474
price 35,000.00
type Town House
status For Sale
bedrooms 1


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