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Terms and conditions

1. Sicily Property Brokers is a fully registered Italian estate agency that searches for saleable properties, valuates and advertisesthe properties so to finally propose them to prospective buyers. We do not take any responability for the structural condition of the property during viewings. Sicily Property Management Brokers offers managing services for the property after its acquisition.

2. We take no responsability for the condition and structrual soundness of the properties. It is the responsability of the prospective buyer to instruct us to find engineers or geometra's so to carry out a structrual survey on the property itself.

3. Sicily Property Brokers can act for clients in dealings with solicitor's and notories for the first part contract entered into by clients, but only on receipt of a confirming letter from clients to that effect.

4. Sicily Property Brokers commission fees for purchasing clients are 5% on the first 50,000.00 euros of the sale price and 3% on the thereafter sale price value. This includes the introduction of properties between seller and buyer, initial translations and dealings with solicitor's, assisting and opening bank accounts and gaining for you an Italian national insurance number that you will need in order to both purchase a property and open a bank account. Sicily Property Management Brokers can assist with translations, engineers and geometra's dealings,estimates from tradesmen, organising and managing the works which will be charged separately at current rates.

5. Whilst we allow to transfer funds via our bank accounts in order to proceed with the purchase of the property or for management services, both companies take no responsability for bank or client errors in such transfers and funds held. Bank charges and currency exchange costs are passed onto prospective client at cost.

6. Sicily Property Brokers advertises and informs prospective clients of property details based on the information supplied to us by the seller. We take no responsability for the correctness of petty information furnished to us by the seller. The same above clause applies to Sicily Property Management Brokers with regards to purchasing clients who acquire estimates or services through our tradesmen.


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