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Our fees

Sicily Property Brokers service charges are payable by the purchaser. This includes all negotiations with owners, initial dealings with solicitor up to the final part contract signing, opening bank accounts and gaining for you an Italian National Insurance number (required to buy and to open bank account).

Legal Fees

Legal fees are difficult to quote accurately as each case is different, several factors affect the calculation such as; location, size, age of property and government valuation of it. An approximate estimate can be obtained before hand, after calculations have been made by the notary on all searches for the transfer of the ownership so to insure that all is in order for you to proceed.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are collected by the notary on behalf of the Italian government and this is a one off payment. As a rough guide, property taxes are normally around 4% of the property rateable value, if you have residency status or around 11% if non-resident.You may though opt to pay the lower residency rate and then have 18 months in which to apply for and gain residency. If residency is not obtained, you will have to pay back the difference of tax with interest and fines.