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Buying a property abroad and from an organisation and people you don't know is a huge step in anyone's life, we understand this. Naturally many hesitations arise in your minds and we hope to help lay those fears. We are here to help you, to assist you ethically and professionally in any way we can to guide you to obtaining your dream home in the Mediterranean. The best way, we feel, is for you to come and visit, to meet us and to allow us the opportunity of demonstating to you that we are who we say we are, that we do what we say and, to avail you of all the information you need to arrive at a decision - free of pressure and obligation.

What better way then than to spend a holiday here, one that will allow you to see for yourselves, to get to know the town, us, some of the local people and to explore the surroundings and the island a little. Combine looking at properties with a relaxing holiday - it makes perfect sense.

Join us for a drink in the piazza, chat, ask us all the questions you wish and we will answer as best we can, with local knowledge, legal aspects, culture, sytems and whatever else you might like to know. We want you to be sure, to be happy with your new home and to join the growing band of satisfied customers that we now consider friends and not simply clients.

We tell things as they are, if it isn't what you want to hear then we make no apology, we give the bad along with the good, we feel prospective buyers need all information in order to arrive at a decsion - it is only right and fair.

We suggest, on viewing holidays, that a flexible itinarary is best, perhaps mornings looking at likely properties and afternoons and evenings free to explore and to relax. All though is flexible and we will fit-in with and arrange things around your preferences. Please never forget - we are here to help.

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