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Step-by-step house purchase

  • Book your flight - let us know your arrival dates and book accomodation and taxi pickups to match flights
  • View properties and confirm with our representive the house of your choice
  • Along with our representative, visit the solicitor and sign the first half contact putting down min 10% of the purchase price of the property. From that moment you have legal and full access to the property
  • Arrange when you will return to pay the balance (Usually no more than 3 months)
  • With Sicily Property Brokers, have a drink together (on us) in the piazza to celebrate purchasing your new home in Sicily

House purchase in Italy is far speedier and easier than in the UK. In most cases all can be completed within a week and in some cases all in one day. Best though to allow more time and return trips for completions. The legal system works like this:

Once agreed on a price with the owner and deal done, both the owner and the purchaser visit the notary and sign a first-part contract. At this point you can put a minimum deposit of 10% without access or 50% of the purchase price should be laid as a deposit and a date agreed when by you will pay the balance, usually no more than 3 months. You then, from that moment, take possession of the keys and have full and legal access to the house to work on or live in as you wish. During this time and until the second-part contract signed and balance paid, if either party cannot complete or wish to pull out, they have to pay the injured party, the amount of the deposit laid. That is to say that, if the owner decides he doesn't any longer wish to sell, he has to pay you double the amount you put down at the first signing. Likewise though, should you be unable to complete, you will loose your deposit.

Sicily Property Brokers may act for you at the first signing only and are not able to act for you in the second-part and final deeds signing, should you be unable to return to do the second-part and final deeds, it is possible for the Italian notary to raise in the solicitors name a 'power of attorney' to act for you. This will be sent to you to read in the presence of a UK solicitor and for you to sign it in his presence and return it to the Italian notary. This whole process can be done here in Sicily with your presence and free of charge.