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The town Of Caccamo

Caccamo is located at 521 meters above sea level, it has a population of 8000 inhabitants.It's 20 km from major beach zone (Cefalu and Campofelice di Roccella), 45 km from Palermo, 75 km from Palermo airport, and only 9 km from Termini Imerese. Mount Etna is easily accessed also by the motorway and at the foot of that, the tourist town of Taormina.
Caccamo is a peaceful,friendly and trouble-free little town that warmly welcomes visitors, whatever race and colour they might be.A remarkable town where living together is not only preached but practiced, a place where all enjoy life together - be it sitting and enjoying a drink in the piazza on a warm summer's evening or out in the countryside simply viewingthe stupendous sunset. A town with folkoristic and gastronomic traditions to cherish.
Located below the town of Caccamo is Lago Rosamarina. This lake is the largest artificial lake in Sicily, below its beautiful blue waters still stands “Ponte San Leonardo”, an old historic bridge.This outstanding lake offers windsurfing, sailing and water sking. A sport center is adjacent to the lake, which provides many relaxing sports such as boating, horse riding,fishing and various trekking activities.
Caccamo itself is ancient and historic with a growing population, a typical Sicilian town in the way the people welcome all and life is so laid-back that stress is a word unknown. A warren of narrow cobbled streets offer adventures untold to those that explore. The castle? That really has to be visited - truly a sight to behold.
Churches around in Caccamo, 33 in all and each a unique gem to be discovered. Perhaps a quiet drink in the piazza is more your style or an evening stroll in the cliff-side park, whatever your liking in terms of relaxation, Caccamo has something to offer everyone. All modern amenities are within the town, schools, casualty department, doctors, chemists and shops of all types to cater for everyday needs and individual requirements.
Sicily Property Management Brokers also runs restoration projects, a countryside property can be transformed into a private villa, with optionsof swimming pools, stone terraces, verandahs and much more. Selected range of properties built in the old andtraditional style.
Our vast experience and contacts allowsus to help and guide prospective buyers with technical and legal support. We assist them to obtain their dreamhome in the sunshine, making the dream a reality. We invite you all to join the growing group of satisfied clientsthat we prefer to refer to as "friends".
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